how exactly does this work?

Step 1: Send an email or make a phone call. (Yes, calling someone is scary, but it's often way easier to explain what you want over the phone.)

Step 2: I will email you a quote to confirm details and pricing, and arrange the file transfer.

Optional Step 2.5: You make an appointment to come to the studio with your files and we work together to discuss the project, make adjustments, sample papers, and proof prints.

Step 3: You come to the studio to pick up your prints or I deliver them to your home/studio/gallery/collector/grandma's house.

What if I don't know what i want?

Get in touch! I know it can be intimidating to make decisions about paper quality and print size, especially if you're not sure your files are ready to print. I can walk you though common issues like image size and resolution, and advise you on the appropriate paper for your project. We will work together to ensure you are completely happy with the results.

What if I'm not sure my files are 'print ready' and I don't want to pay for extra photoshop work?

Send them over! Sometimes all that's needed is a change in color space and a couple of tweaks - adjustments I consider part of the basic service. If more is necessary we can discuss alternative arrangements and pricing in a way that works for both of us.

can you frame and/or mount my print?

I can't, but I know a guy who can. His name is Tony, he's awesome. His prices are super reasonable. He can do anything from a basic sintra or dibond mount to fully mounted and framed with museum glass and cleats for hanging. His typical turnaround time is a week.