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File preparation, transparent sticker, solid color printing, white ink backing

The work will get the usual solid color, clear edge or can set clear position.

Can do both Ai, Ps and draw from iPad.  There are 2 methods, the customer chooses only 1 method.

Method 1: Add a shape in the position of the white ink foundation. (Give the work color is opaque)


Method 2: Drill or leave the desired position to be clear without adding color.


  For customers who draw on iPad  

If drawing on iPad, the die-cut layer Make the shape that you want to die-cut. and pour color into that shape

In the file there will be only 2 main layers separated.

1.  Print image composite layer

2. Layers combine shapes using die-cuts.

finished Share or send the file to the shop as a .psd extension .

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