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File preparation Metallic color printing

set metallic color position and can choose the shades of metallic

Can do both Ai, Ps and draw from iPad.  There are 2 methods, the customer chooses only 1 method.

Method 1: Add a shape in place of a solid color. white ink foundation

ตัวอย่างเตรียมไฟล์พิมพ์สี Metallic

Method 2: Drill or leave the desired position to be Metallic.

ตัวอย่างเตรียมไฟล์พิมพ์สี Metallic

  For customers who draw on iPad  

If drawing on iPad, the die-cut layer Make the shape that you want to die-cut. and pour color into that shape

In the file there will be only 2 main layers separated.

1.  Print image composite layer.

2. Layers combine shapes using die-cuts.

finished Share or send the file to the shop as a .psd extension .

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